The Ugly Truth

Colin Hendry - The Ugly Truth - How He Swindled Pensioners Out Of Their Life Savings

Colin Hendry - The Ugly Truth - How He Swindled Pensioners Out Of Their Life Savings

A Communication of a Typical Threatening E-mail Colin Hendry Sent Us.

Below  - A Communication of a Typical Threatening Email Colin Hendry Sent Us.

Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2010 12:55:38 +0100

Hector, you want to walk down the street together and see what`s what.


Hector…… want me to come and see you……..????


Have a quiet chat….??…iron a few issues out……..??


and what are  you anyway?…….in charge???


Let me know……I`m only round the corner


I`ve got your money anyway scum.


your a fucking lowlife cancer.

Colin Hendry Leaves Blackburn Rovers

Original Lancashire Telegraph Article

The truth of this matter is Colin Hendry actually got fired from the Blackburn Rovers – He did not leave on his own accord.

The real reason for his dismissal – “Henry has brought enough disgrace to the Blackburn Rovers – We have had enough of him now. We don’t feel with his history of dishonesty and violence, that he should be associated with a decent football club like ours”.

THE TRUTH; What Really Happened That Got Two Pensioners Convicted for Assaulting “Braveheart” Hendry

Hector McFarlane writes;

I was having a drink with my wife and some friends in a bar/restaurant in Lytham , Hendry and his daughter brazenly arrived , I have never had the opportunity since he stole my money to confront him, so I went and asked him about my money ,his reply to me was “I`VE GOT YOUR MONEY ARSEWIPE NOW FUCK OFF” so I slapped him , he fell to the floor screaming “call the police, call the police” his daughter came rushing over ,she had at least 5 inch high heels, she either fell over him or Hendry dragged her down , they both started screaming “call the police” that is the truth , I looked down at Hendry screaming “call the police, call the police” I thought , why does this coward like to call himself ‘Braveheart’ , he has it on his twitter , facebook , but he is in fact Scotlands biggest coward.

I have never hit a woman in my life , the place had CCTV cameras and there was no video of me striking anyone , any reporter who writes otherwise has not read the court transcript , of course Hendry eats and drinks in this place 3/4 times weekly so the place supported him , I cannot afford to go in there very often.

I am a 65 year old honourable man ,unlike the proven liar that Hendry is we have pages of his lies , all here on this website to read , I think these pages prove the type of people they both are , Rheagan Hendry`s is a unmarried mother and the father of her child is an extremely likeable young man, but that relationship has ended in bitterness , and she claims of violence against her by this decent young man , more lies by this spoilt young lady , a old member of the father of Rheagan Hendry`s child family , a decent hard working family remarked about Rheagan Hendry “the bad apple does not fall far from the tree”.

Why would two old pensioners that have never been in trouble with the police all their lives , have an assault charge upheld against the Hendy`s , what would be the reason ?

My wife got found guilty of assault A 63 YEAR OLD LADY she was accused of pointing her finger at Rheagan Hendry ,

In Rheagans Hendry`s statement to the police she called my wife ‘a mad old bitch”

Hendry has a pension annuity of 86,000 pounds per year , a 2 million pound pension pot , he works as assistant to the youth team coach at Blackburn Rovers on a very high salary on top of his pension money, he has all this coming in , and lives very well , huge house , big Mercedes, his pension was exempt from creditors when he went bankrupt , so he was bankrupt for a period of 12 months , and that wipes away 2.2 million pounds of debts and my pension savings he stole from me of 95,000 pounds , does this sound like justice ?

News articles;

Colin Hendry, ”my word is my honour” .

Colin Hendry, ”my word is my honour” .

Colin  Hendry , when asking for a loan from us  his words were “my word is my honour”   and  “I  promise  you whatever happens you will get your money back  “     now  just empty words  that he wrote to us ,empty words written by  a dishonourable man ,a man of straw, you can see by the emails we received from him below the vile nature and unrepentent attitude about swindling us out of our retirement savings.

This webpage  is not only about Colin Hendry’s lies  about his financial position when asking us for loans ,such as his quote  “I’m worth 10,000,0000   pounds (ten million pounds) in assets  but all tied up , when in fact he was potless, this is more about  his and his daughter Rheagans  fanatic attempts  to use all sorts of methods to discredit us when it was becoming obvious Hendry was simply a skint liar and it was all coming out.

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Update on the event of 2012

1.The real truth on how Hendry managed to get a coaching job at Blackburn Rover.

2. Hendry’s domestic violence history.


Apparently the public are interested in the immoral dishonest behaviour as the truth about this man has been read by over 100,000 people

Perhaps people can feel some empathy to our position. We had loaned a famous person a great deal of money on the strength of a lot of lies he told us , it was becoming apparent the man is a liar ,and he then proceeded to use every trick in the book he could, to try and discredit my wife and I.

By discrediting us he thought he could retain his credibility and my wife and I would be seen in a bad light by the public , people do not realise the extent some of these famous egotistical people will go to make themselves look favourable in the eyes of the public and discredit the honest people around them by using the press to print stories about them that are blatant lies , Hendry uses the Scottish Daily Record  these papers will put in anything Hendry says without ever checking it out .

We have already had apologies from many different newspapers on the stories Hendry has provided them with that were eventually proven to be lies.

The real truth on how Hendry managed to get a coaching job at Blackburn Rover.


Last summer Colin Hendry managed to bag himself a job coaching at Blackburn Rovers , he was appointed as first team coach , this appointment was made by the ex-manager Steve Kean and it was done mainly on the strength of the amount of crawling Hendry did , he stabbed the core of the Rovers`s supporters in the back by “talking up ” Kean and telling all who would listen that the majority of supporters are behind Kean this basically was not true , a lie , but through these lies he got a job ,which was actually mainly driving Kean around as lost his driving licence to drink driving.

Hendry had told Kean that he has The Blackburn Rover supporter eating out his hand  by his getting a job at Rover ,the Rover supporters will fully back Steve Kean as manager,that was the statement Hendry gave to Kean so he could get a job at Blackburn Rover.

The disgust about Hendry`s talking up Kean comments at the time was insulting to the core of the decent and genuine Rover`s fans,who, were made by Hendry to look like a bunch of nasty vindictive people , anyway Hendry got the job but his comments made it much more difficult for The Rovers`s fans to get their anger across, and much more difficult for them to get Kean out and start the club moving forward .
A footnote on that is when Kean eventually left Rovers Hendry was demoted from first team coach to assistant coach of the reserves ,I believe from first team coach to assistant coach of reserves ,he now coaching the youngster at Rover’s ,not sure if the influence of Hendry and his sordid behavior would be welcomed by most parents that have kids there .

Link below on backing of Kean and a few weeks later his job offer by Kean.

So Hendry gets a highly paid job at Rover`s ,but of course that does not mean his creditors in his bankruptcy will get more money back from the bankrupt ,no his agreement in bankrupty was to pay £1,000 a month for 3 years a total of £36,000 to be shared out amongst all his £2.2 million creditors , but no he cannot even do that , he has £ 2 million pension pot, lives in a million pound house, drives a new mercedes , kids at the most expensive private schools ,gets well paid at Rovers and in all he has paid two months at a £1,000 a month. He is 22 months behind , and it will be forgotten about ,because the Trustees cannot be bothered chasing him to pay.

One Friday evening last summer my wife and I were out with some friends having a few drinks, one of Hendry`s sycophantic pals was also in the bar , this insipid wee Smidgin of a guy runs about at Hendry`s beck and call 24/7 , this guy has a local nickname “brown nose” and local people find it very amusing the way he runs around after Hendry , anyway he was in the bar , a friend of ours overheard him calling Hendry and saying (his words were ) “The McFarlanes are in the bar” anyway about 20 minutes later Hendry and his entourage arrive, he stopped at the foyer and started to stare into space, (as I have never had the opportunity to speak to Hendry since he got all our money and went bankrupt )      I approached him .His words he spoke to me when asking for a loan were ringing in my ear “my word is my honour” and “ whatever happens you will get your money back” .Now empty words. Previously we did try and speak to him, we went around to his house , Hendry went to his bedroom and stayed there for 6 hours until we left , wee boy hiding behaviour). 

Hendry ‘s history of domestic violence.

Hendry got banged up in Blackpool jail for a night , the police came to his house in the early hours of Sunday morning , handcuffed him and banged him up, his barrister got him out next afternoon , Hendry`s comment to the press the next day was “It must have been a double of me”  A DOUBLE OF HIM !

What a cowardly answer , again Hendry not man enough to accept his guilt and behavior .



The police came to his house and arrested a double of him anyway, the complainant never proceeded with the charges .

Of course this is not the first investigation of that kind, on New Years day 2009 Hendry`s daughter ended up in Blackpool Victoria Hospital ,she was covered in bruises and black and blue, the nursing staff in the hospital asked her “who did this to you” her answer was “my dad” a police investigation went on for four weeks ,the police sent two detectives from Blackpool investigating unit to Dundee to interview the guests who were in the house at the time of the alleged assault . No charges were brought as the victim changed her story!
Well either Hendry battered his daughter or his daughter once again was telling lies , the both of them do not know the difference between the truth and a lie , but the amount of police resources these two go through is incredible ,and when you consider Hendry has never paid income tax , ( and in fact he went bankrupt owing the tax office 1.5 million pounds ,) his daughter has never held a proper job , they have no qualms about using as much resources as they feel like without contributing anything into the system

Lady pensioner sets off alarm to escape from Hendry’s abuse.


My wife was purchasing an item from the forecourt of a used furniture shop , when Hendry saw her from across the street , he came charging aggressively across the road with his mobile phone pointed directly at her clearly he was recording her ,(in retrospect looking for some reaction he could use against her) .He aggressively came straight up to her only inches from her face , my wife in sheer fright set off her personal rape alarm . The look of complete fear and shock on this mans face as he realised he wasn’t going to get the reaction he had hoped for was a picture. Hendry’s tail went between his legs and he scuttled back to the safety of his brand new Mercedes .
The sheer audacity of this man ,he later then phoned the police, not once that day but 14 times ! and accused my wife of abusing him ,my wife will be 63 next birthday , incredible behavior by this cowardly man.

Rheagan Hendry sent you a message on Facebook…


Rheagan Hendry

Apology wording

Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2010 16:54:15 +0100
Subject: Apology wording

Mr McFarlane,

As discussed wording of apology is as follows.

Hector McFarlane: An apology
ON June 26, 2010, we published an article on Page 9 of the Scottish Daily Express, concerning the grave of ex-footballer Colin Hendry’s late wife, Denise.
The quotes attributed to former friend Hector McFarlane, commenting on funeral arrangements and a headstone for Mrs Hendry’s grave, were supplied to us by Watson’s, a Blackpool–based news agency and used by us in good faith.
We now accept the comments attributed to Mr McFarlane were wholly inaccurate.

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Subject: FW: Colin
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 14:29:47 +0000

Subject: Colin
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2009 16:08:16 +0100

Copy of signed Promissory Deed as promised.

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